Wednesday, September 12, 2007


1. Enjoyed Pandora because can find interesting and enjoyable music. Also enjoyed Youtube to find video on current news stories.
2. Found information in various places on the web that I didn't know existed.
3. Didn't realize there were so many technological possiblities--blogs, wiki's, YouTube, and more.
4. Can't think of anything. Keep up the good work.
5. Yes, I'd take another dicovery program.
6.This afforded me an opportunity which I might never have had which gave me a view of what's out there in current technology--blogs, wiki's, and much more! Many thanks!


Learned about locating titles and downloading audio books from Overdrive, NetLibrary, and Gutenberg.

Podcasts search tools

Podcast is used to refer to non-musical or video broadcast that is distributed over the internet. It is done automtically through RSS. Search tools looks at include: and Yahoo podcasts.


Checked out 70's comercials, 60's music. Use it to find video of current news story.

2.0 awards list

Enjoyed "Pandora" which plays only music one selects. Also enjoyed "" which searchs for used and out of print books.

On line wordprocessing/spreadheet tools

One large benefit to web-based applications is that one can save doucments on line without using USB drive or diskete. Checked out Googledocs and ZohoWriter.

SandBox wiki

Learned how to add entry to Sandbox wiki. Added comment to existing wiki.